• Materials Testing & Inspection Services

    AESCO operates a construction materials engineering (CME) laboratory in Huntington Beach, California, and is capable of performing in-house or on-site testing and inspection services. Our laboratory produces thousands of reports annually involving concrete, aggregates, soils in-place, and bituminous materials. AESCO also regularly tests and inspects brick, granite, stone masonry, mortar, reinforcing steel, and manufactured elements such as pre-stressed beams and pre cast panels..

  • Geotechnical Engineering Capabilities

    Information from geotechnical investigations are used to develop preliminary evaluations. Our experienced field engineers and drillers assess the subsurface conditions as they are encountered to achieve an accurate representation of the soil and bedrock materials beneath a site.

    AESCO can deliver geotechnical services, from routine classifications, to triaxial shear and consolidation tests. Our laboratory testing services include testing of soils, concrete, masonry, fireproofing, asphalt, roofing, and aggregates. Laboratory testing is performed using ASTM, AASHTO, and other applicable specifications and guidelines.

  • Environmental Engineering & Site Assessments

    In many instances, especially with projects involving sediment sampling activities, geotechnical activities can overlap with environmental aspects. AESCO’s combined expertise in environmental, geotechnical and material testing services has made AESCO a leader in providing a package of comprehensive services. To ensure that drilling operations are performed under the highest quality standards, either a registered professional engineer or a geotechnical engineer always supervises the drilling operation. The potential liabilities associated with the presence of hazardous substances on a property can be substantially greater than the value of the property itself. Environmental laws and court decisions have increased the risk of liability for lenders as well as for buyers, sellers and operators of property.



AESCO has been retained as the civil, testing/inspection and geotechnical engineering firm for local governmental and municipal agencies, school districts, commercial developers, & private homeowners.

AESCO has experience in a wide variety of projects involving design of street improvement projects, geotechnical engineering and inspection services. This section summarizes the relevant experience of the firm.

AESCO has a strong financial base, and has never experienced any bankuptcy, pending litigation, office closure, nor has any impending merger in the near future. AESCO is able to complete projects within the established schedule, & does not add on additional work without prior authorization.

Clients List Includes

  • City of LA Department of Water & Power
  • City of Costa Mesa
  • City of Inglewood
  • City of Long Beach Water Department
  • City of Diamond Bar
  • City of Lakewood
  • City of Huntington Beach
  • City of Lynwood
  • City of Riverside
  • City of Buena Park
  • Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
  • Orange County Transportation Authority
  • New Century BMW dealership
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Cingular Wireless, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Nextel,AT&T & Verizon Wireless
  • Honda/Acura dealership
  • Alhambra School District
  • Long Beach Community College District
  • Mountain View School District
  • Covina Unified School District.

Current Projects

Caltrans SR-22 Widening
Project - OCTA
AESCO was responsible for the inspection and mix design alternatives and recommendations for the Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) and Lean Concrete Base for the widening and overall improvement of the 22 Freeway for Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) and Caltrans.

FedEx BURR Ramp Facility –
Bob Hope Airport, City of Burbank
AESCO performed materials testing and inspection during the ramp upgrade project at the Federal Express hub at the Bob Hope Airport. The project consisted of the removal of approximately 165,000 square feet of existing aircraft parking ramp with asphalt concrete pavement.